Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Restless Nights of a Liberated Spirit

“The Restless Nights of a Liberated Spirit” is a collection of drawings illustrating the idea of fears and nightmares. This series of portraits represents sleepers trapped in their worst tremors. As we sleep the unconscious is set free: all the angst put aside during the day comes rushing back, no worry can be ignored. The sleeper has no control on stopping the dream coming to him nor on its content. It is a time to face the dark side of our souls. Nights represent a moment of surreal honesty; when logic is set aside and the spirit is set free from any restrictions. Time becomes a distant notion; the sleeper has no possible grip on the clock’s infernal race. It almost becomes his main enemy; time turns into a prison trapping the sleepers mind until the sun rises again bringing with it the reassuring illusion of control.

the supplice of Naiad

 the lethal kiss 

 the embrace of  Charon 

the enchanting web of time